Brian Kniceley: 2016 Design Competition Runner Up

2016 Design Competition Runner Up
Artist: Brian Kniceley
Client: Cedar Fair Entertainment

Brian’s “Winterfest” design is a terrific example of how a rather simple design can serve its purpose using good layout principles. We appreciated the excellent use of LHF Desire and the smart custom modifications he made. When asked why he chose LHF Desire for this project, Brian replied, “This font lends itself to a variety of eras… it is elegant and evokes tradition without being tied to antiquity.”

The flourishes help carry the eye through the message without distracting. The well-drawn ornaments convey the theme well and balance the design. With the brightest ornament pointing downward, it pulls the eye naturally through the design and acts as an anchor for the design. Thanks Brian!

Letterhead Fonts used: LHF Desire

Chuck: Who was the client for this design? How much direction did they give you?

Brian: This is for an in-house project. (Brian works for Cedar Fair Entertainment) The only direction was to incorporate the park logo in the design.

Chuck: Why did you choose LHF Desire? Can you explain the modifications you made?

Brian: This font lends itself to a variety of eras…it is elegant and evokes tradition without being tied to antiquity. The abundance of gylphs almost eliminated modifications, but in this case I altered some of the ‘swoops’ to act as cross-bars on a few letters.

Chuck: Did you create the panels from scratch?

Brian: Yes, with the exception of the park logo.

Chuck: How long have you been designing signs?

Brian: 25 years (gulp!)

Chuck: What do you think is a common mistake some people make when it comes to layout?

Brian: Sometimes we get so close to a project we begin to ignore legibility issues. WE know what the sign says, so it is easy to forget that the audience is coming in with no context/information.