Free Font: LM Charlotte 2

In 2003, while working at Letterhead Fonts, I created my first font, LHF Charlotte. It’s no longer available, but from time to time I still get requests for it. I’m happy to see that there’s a need for it, so I’ve made it available for free through Letterhead Magazine. I’ve made some updates and improvements but, for the most part, it’s the same font I created back in 2003. — Denise

Font includes numbers (as roman numerals), punctuation and accent characters.

Denise Bayers is a type designer at Letterhead Fonts. See more of her fonts here.


LM Charlotte 2


LM Charlotte 2 Inset


LM Charlotte 2 Inline

All 3 versions are included in the download below.


Using LM Charlotte 2 & LM Charlotte 2 Inline
Alternating between upper and lowercase letters will give you a fun, bouncy feel, like the image above which was typed “ChArLoTtE.”

Typing different combos will give you different results. The image above uses LM Charlotte 2 Inline and was typed “cHaRlOtTe.”

Using LM Charlotte 2 Inset
charlotte81) Type and kern your text using LM Charlotte 2. The image above was typed “C]RolInA” using the alternate A, which has a shorter left diagonal stroke that fits nicely inside the C.

charlotte92) Copy your text and paste it directly on top of your original text. Change your copied text to LM Charlotte 2 Inset and adjust the color. Since the letters and inset are two separate lines of text, adjusting the color is easy!

Be creative and have fun! The image above was typed “L]TiN AMERIC]” with the bottom of the “i” in Latin brought up to sit on the baseline.  Note: because there are so many possibilities, additional kerning may be required to get a desired look. Be sure to kern your text before using the inset version to ensure proper alignment.


Free Download

You’re welcome to use this font for commercial purposes, but redistribution is prohibited. If someone asks you where you got it, please help spread the word and tell them about Letterhead Magazine. Thanks so much.


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