LHF Amarillo 2 Released

This set is a complete overhaul of the Amarillo font set released in 2002. All letters have been completely redrawn and made slightly wider than it’s predecessor. These new letters are better balanced for improved consistency. Of course, all sidebearings and kerning have been redone as well. In addition to Regular and Bold, a new Thin version has been added, along with Shadow and Rustic versions for each weight for a total of 9 fonts

Amarillo2 is the perfect balance of readability and style. Surprisingly easy to read even at small sizes. This 9 font set will give your design the subtle western, rustic feel it needs without looking over the top.

Set includes 3 weights: Thin, Regular, and Bold. Each weight includes layered Shadow and Rustic (distressed) fonts for you to be creative with.

Download LHF Amarillo 2 only at Letterhead Fonts.